Our Story

Jan Pruitt, late CEO of the North Texas Food Bank.

The Brainchild

Jan Pruitt, the late CEO of the 

North Texas Food Bank and former chairwoman 

of the board of Feeding America

had a vision - for food banks to 

collaborate on sourcing produce. 

Jan knew that one food bank alone could 

not significantly change the system, but 

that a collaboration of food banks

 and farmers working together could.

2015 - 2017: Pilot Phase 

The North Texas Food Bank and 

Lyda Hill Philanthropies

 partnered to assess the opportunity for

 a sustainable business model 

enabling Texas food banks to access 

imperfect and surplus produce that 

would have otherwise been wasted. 

Lyda Hill Philanthropies generously funded

 a feasibility study and pilot program 

through Feeding Texas

A successful two-year pilot highlighted 

proof of the concept for a sustainable

 produce-sharing model.  


2018: Collaborative for Fresh Produce is Formed

The Collaborative for Fresh Produce is a non-profit organization that fights hunger by fighting food waste. With start-up funding from 

The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation 

and Lyda Hill Philanthropies, this initiative transitioned from Feeding Texas into the Collaborative for Fresh Produce. 

In its first year, the Collaborative:

  • Implemented Fusionware software.
  • Served 26 food banks by partnering with 65 produce growers.
  • Shipped more than 50 million pounds of produce to food banks!