Farmers are the foundation

Surplus produce is an inevitable part of the agricultural industry yet can be a critical part of the hunger solution. 

Make donating to the Collaborative for Fresh Produce part of your ongoing business strategy! There is no cost to donate imperfect and surplus produce, and you can help feed hungry families at the same time.

Here are benefits of donating to the Collaborative: 

  • Always have an outlet for surplus produce
  • Save money on disposal costs
  • Easy and convenient to donate online
  • Opportunity to be part of the hunger solution

Join Us In Fighting Hunger by Fighting Food Waste

Contact Dale Long

Interim Executive Director


Contact Dale Long


How Our Produce Donation Program Works

  • Produce: We accept ALL imperfect and surplus fresh produce that is edible.

  • Quality: Donated produce does not need to have a grade. But, to allow for transportation time, we require a condition defect rate (at the time of pick up) of under 10% for non-citrus and under 12% for citrus.

  • Packaging: Produce must be palletized and in cartons, bags or boxes to help food banks with distribution. When necessary, we can handle bulk bins of commodities such as potatoes, melons and onions. 

  • To Donate: Contact Nora Bocanegra at 469-744-8443 or with the following information for each commodity to be donated: package type, quantity, pick up location and time, condition and any request for picking and pack out (PPO) support. We may send a representative to inspect the condition quality of the donation.

  • Pick Up: Upon acceptance, the Collaborative for Fresh Produce will send a notification confirming the date and time of pick up. A donation receipt will be provided for a zero-cost donation, or a Purchase Order will be issued in cases where there is a PPO.

To learn more about donating produce to the Collaborative, click here.



We realize that fighting hunger will take all of us working together, so we encourage you to continue to give to your local food bank. However, once you have supported your local community, we hope that you will donate your remaining surplus to the Collaborative for Fresh Produce as part of your ongoing business strategy. Our vision is that everyone in our country can have access to the produce that’s already being grown here. Thank you for joining us in fighting hunger by fighting food waste!

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