An Affordable Option to Help FOOD BANKS Feed More People

Food Banks Are At The Heart Of Addressing Hunger In Our Communities

Balancing the needs of the non-profit agencies and people you serve is a challenge - but the Collaborative for Fresh Produce can help. 

The Collaborative can be an additional and affordable sourcing option to help increase the flow of produce from farmers to food banks. Food banks access produce from the Collaborative and cover harvesting, transportation and processing costs. On average, the cost to obtain produce from the Collaborative is 14 cents per pound, much lower than other sources.

Hunger Is Everywhere

Farming areas are scattered across the country, but hunger is everywhere. Let’s work together to give more people access to the fresh produce needed to support a healthy lifestyle. Join us in fighting hunger by fighting food waste!

Learn How Your Food Bank Can Participate

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“At the North Texas Food Bank, we’re proud to supply nutritious food to more than 250 non-profit partners in our network that work tirelessly to feed thousands of people struggling with hunger every day. Having an organization like the Collaborative for Fresh Produce that can source large-scale quantities of fruits and vegetables from across the country, and deliver it to the food banks of any size, is critical as we continue to grow access to nutritious food.”

- Trisha Cunningham, President and CEO of North Texas Food Bank

"The Feeding Texas Produce Mixing Center has been a dream come true for the South Plains Food Bank. Through the mixing center we are receiving a consistent and predictable variety of quality produce for the families and agencies we serve. As a smaller food bank, it has been a challenge to distribute a whole truck load of a single item such as cabbage or citrus fruits. The mixing center is allowing us to combine a variety of seasonal produce that can be distributed in a timely fashion."

- David Weaver, CEO of South Plains Food Bank